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Aquatica Environmental is an environmental and ecological consultancy specialising in the study and management of freshwater, estuarine and marine waters, aquatic ecosystems, biota and habitats.  Our services offerings come from over 19 years of experience in aquatic sciences, natural resource management, ecology, project management and aquaculture, and 12 years in NRM and aquatic ecosystem consulting.


Aquatica Environmental is committed to working in partnership with our clients using use best-practice science, innovative technology and leading research to provide practical, accurate, defensible and timely solutions for both your project and the natural, build and aquatic ecosystems.


At Aquatica Environmental we maintain strong strategic links and working relationships with other specialists, consultants, research institutes and key authorities/stakeholders across Australia.  This collaborative approach enables us to tailor project teams and seamlessly integrate the knowledge of multiple specialists to provide innovative technical solutions for our clients.


At Aquatica Environmental we have the passion, skills and experience to offer a range of consulting services relating to marine, estuarine and freshwater ecosystems, biota and habitats.


At Aquatica Environmental we are results and solution driven and our aim is to serve the needs of all clients regardless of their size.  We understand the key drivers of our clients and their projects and have the experience and discipline necessary to successfully complete our scope of work, on time and within budget, freeing our clients to confidently attend to other aspects of their businesses.


Aquatica Environmental’s Capability Statement can be downloaded here.

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