Biodiversity Assessments

For Aquatica Environmental, understanding flora and fauna and biodiversity in aquatic ecosystems and environments is our core business.  We are highly experienced and well recognised for our expertise in conducting ecological surveys and assessments, and applying that experience to define project constraints and opportunities.  We have experience undertaking biodiversity surveys in most Australian states, as well as overseas in locations such as Laos and Papua New Guinea.

Aquatica Environmental specialises in designing scientifically rigorous, robust and defensible biodiversity and ecological monitoring programs.  We will tailor a monitoring program specifically to meet your project or compliance objectives and obtain quality monitoring results over the course of the project.

Biodiversity Assessment Services
  • Aquatic fauna surveys (fish, macroinvertebrates, amphibians, mammals, reptiles, macroinvertebrates)
  • Fish passage assessments
  • Freshwater, estuarine and marine aquatic macroinvertebrate surveys and monitoring
  • Macroinvertebrate, benthic invertebrates and periphyton identification, sampling and analysis
  • Ecological and river health / condition assessment (i.e. AUSRIVAS, SIGNAL)
  • Species and community inventory assessments
  • Targeted and threatened species surveys
  • Aquatic fauna and riparian habitat mapping
  • Ecological / research monitoring
  • Site rehabilitation monitoring
  • Pre-feasibility assessments
  • Remote survey techniques and fauna detection (i.e. ROV, BRUVS, camera trap)

In particular we are strongly focussed on providing effective communication of monitoring and assessment data, results and recommendations to clients by offering:

  • Provision of interim results for longer-term projects
  • Regular progress updates and briefings
  • Presentations of key results by report, PowerPoint presentation and work
  • Monitoring and tracking of compliance
  • Detailed draft and final monitoring reports including technical and editorial reviews
  • Statistical analyses of monitoring and assessment results
  • Visualisation of key results using high quality imagery, photographs and GIS mapping
  • Provision of all raw data, field imagery and spatial layers
  • Ongoing maintenance of biological data sets and databases.
Biodiversity Assessment Projects
  • Targete Burrowing Crayfish survey, Warburton
  • Targeted Dwarf Galaxias surveys, Warragul, Langwarrin, Cranbourne
  • Baseline assessment of aquatic flora and fauna in and around Brodie’s Creek for a commercial land development, Greenvale
  • Survey of marine benthic fauna as part of a contamination assessment, Port Philip Bay
  • Targeted survey of fish and amphibians in a constructed wetland for a commercial property Targeted Fish and Amphibian Assessment, Investa
  • Fish biodiversity survey to assess the impact of a rail project near Gladstone, Qld
  • Assessment of fish communities, macroinvertebrates and water quality for a mining project in Madang Province, PNG
  • Baseline assessment of flora and fauna in Henderson’s Creek, Vic

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