Due Diligence Assessment

Development projects usually require independent environmental assessment to demonstrate that developer or operator’s environmental practices and performance meet regulatory, financial underwriter, stakeholder and public requirements and expectations.  Before purchasing or developing a property, it’s also essential have an understanding of the site’s ecological values as federal, state and locals law can limit, or prohibit, project impacts to waterways and loss of habitat (both on and off site) and native vegetation clearing, thereby potentially impacting on development plans.

Environmental, or Ecological, Due Diligence Assessments (EDDA) allow opportunities and constraints to be identified for a project or action, and is a key tool in managing risks prior to or at the outset of a project.  They can vary in purpose and scope, however, generally include a Desktop Review of available information and a site inspection to identify environmental features and values, review the site’s history, confirm its current conditions and validate the desktop information.  The aim of an EDDA is to provide advice on the opportunities and constraints to potential development of a site, and identify what further investigations and approvals may be necessary to accomplish development objectives.

Aquatica Environmental has a strong understanding of the environmental issues associated with potential infrastructure and development projects including, rail, road, resources, ports energy and property development and has extensive knowledge of the federal and state regulatory requirements applicable to industry.  We can provide independent environmental assessment and reporting services to meet your environmental compliance, EDDA and auditing needs.  We will tailor an EDDA specifically to meet client and compliance requirements and the project’s needs so our clients can make informed decisions.

Aquatica Environmental has undertaken and delivered many EDDA and desktop review investigations ensuring potential environmental issues are captured, and potential cost requirements and/or the risks to developing land, understood.  We have a comprehensive understanding of the environmental approval processes, pressures and constraints that can have implications on the development process and outcomes.

Due Diligence Services
  • Public and scientific database reviews
  • Desktop review and assessment
  • Preliminary site inspections
  • Database / desktop review information validation
  • Early-stage stakeholder consultation
  • Team capacity building
  • Review, update and audit of existing due diligence assessments and desktop reviews
Project Experience
  • Aquatic ecology assesment of fish and macroinvertebrates for a mining project in Papua New guinea.
  • Aquatic fauna assessment including database review, desktop assessment and site inspection for a bulk water storage dam development at Apollo Bay.
  • Aquatic ecology assessment for the upgrading of a dam weir wall at Lorne.
  • Desktop flora and fauna assessment, site inspection and options assessment for a proposed major roads project in the north of Melbourne.
  • Aquatic ecology due diligence assessments for a number of bridge replacements across the Murray River at Echuca and Yarrawonga.
  • Preliminary aquatic ecology assessment including desktop review and site inspection for a sewer upgrade and trenching project across the Yarra River in Melbourne.
  • Aquatic ecology component of a preliminary flora and fauna assessment for a new stormwater harvesting and treatment wetland on Laverton Creek.
  • Flora and fauna due diligence and targeted faun assessments for a large property development in the north of Melbourne.

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