Bathymetry & Mapping

Aquatica can collect and interpret/map reliable and cost-effective bathymetry, sediment and water quality data and aerial imagery.  Collection methods include on foot, kayak, boat and drone (aerial and boat).  In particular, with our drone boat (Platypus Lutra) and aerial drone (Phantom 4 Pro), collection can be managed by a single operator all from the safety of the shore.  Services range from the collection of data for your use through to full analysis and modelling of the data using a range of software packages.

We can also collect high resolution, ortho-corrected (i.e. orthomosaic) or 3D aerial imagery of any waterway, waterbody or water infrastructure using our DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone.


  • Fast and accurate mapping of the bottom of any inland or coastal waterbody
  • Bottom hardness and sediment depth mapping
  • Aquatic vegetation mapping
  • Aquatica habitat mapping
  • Water and sediment/sludge volume
  • Material accumulation/removal volume
Aerial Mapping
  • High definition, detail, precision and accuracy images, maps and measurement
  • Orthomosaic images and maps
  • Up to date site imagery and maps
  • 3d interactive imagery of waterways and infrastructure
  • Site inspections
Water Quality
  • Spatially dense water quality data including DO, EC, pH, turbidity, nutrients and more
  • Up to 4,500 data points per acre (drone)
  • Discharge plume and mixing zone mapping and modelling (EPA discharge licence monitoring)
  • Water column profiling to 30 metres
  • Lineal (rivers and streams) and
  • 1 litre water grab samples
Key Benefits
  • Reduced safety risks: Drone boats remove the need for large survey boats and do not require personnel to be on the water (operated form shore)
  • Reduced costs: No need for expensive survey boats or time consuming logistics, and in many cases only a single operator
  • Spatially dense data: Data can be collected on as small as 1 metre grids for highly accurate mapping and modelling of waterways
  • Shallow water surveys: The boats can operate in depths as shallow as 15cm

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