Aaron Jenkin

Director / Principal Scientist

Aaron brings a broad spectrum of experience including 19 years in aquatic sciences, ecology and aquaculture and 12 years in NRM consulting.  He has project managed and provided technical input into a wide range of marine, estuarine and freshwater aquatic ecology projects.  These have included desktop and due diligence assessments, impact and risk assessments, targeted aquatic fauna surveys, threatened species salvage and translocations, and species, project and environmental management plans.  Aaron has conducted water quality assessments, aquatic sampling, surveys and translocations for a wide range of marine and freshwater species including commonwealth and state-listed species such as dwarf galaxias, Australian mudfish and Australian grayling.  He is experienced in a wide range of aquatic field sampling methods and protocols and the development of management strategies to protect both the species and their habitats.

Aaron has a significant amount of experience developing and managing larger projects and field teams and has an established network of trusted affiliates and partners from which to build ‘best for project’ teams.  He also has a detailed understanding of how to develop technically robust but practical management strategies to assist the managing authority to minimise and mitigate risk and to maximise environmental protection.  He has project managed and provided technical input into a wide range of water treatment, discharge and irrigation projects and has in-depth understanding of the challenges and issues that face these kind of environmental projects and the key environmental, legislative and business drivers for managing authorities.

Affiliate Team

A differentiating strength of Aquatic Environmental is our extensive experience working with medium and large consultancies and our ability to both function as a specialist within your team or build and manage larger and multidisciplinary project teams for you.  We can build and manage a ‘best for project’ team that means you only have to deal directly with a single project manager.  We have close and trusted working relationships with a wide range of specialists including:

  • Botanists
  • Zoologists
  • Taxonomists
  • Cultural heritage specialists
  • GIS technicians
  • Robotics and drone technology specialists
  • Bathymetry and hydrological specialists
  • ROV and UAV specialists
  • Social and environmental specialists
  • Engineers
  • Planners
  • Surveyors
  • Land managers
  • Landscapers
  • Aquaculture specialists

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