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Aquatica Environmental is an environmental and ecological consultancy specialising in the study and management of freshwater, estuarine and marine waters, ecosystems and aquatic biota.

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Founder and Principal Scientist, Aaron Jenkin, brings over 20 years of experience in aquatic sciences, ecology, aquaculture and project management, and 14 years in ecology, natural resource management and aquatic ecosystem consulting.

Aquatica Environmental is based in Melbourne, Australia, however, we are highly mobile, having undertaken projects in most Australian states as well as internationally in locations such as Laos, Vietnam and Papua New Guinea.

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    Aquatica Environmental offers a wide range of aquatic ecology and environmental consulting services.

    Aquatica can collect and interpret/map reliable and cost-effective bathymetry, sediment and water quality data…

    Development projects usually require independent environmental assessment to demonstrate that developer or operator’s environmental practices…

    For Aquatica Environmental, understanding flora and fauna and biodiversity in aquatic ecosystems and environments is our core business…

    It is not infrequent that the occurrence of federal or state listed threatened species or communities are identified as potentially being impacted by a project or action…

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