Fauna Spotting Catching Clearance Surveys

We have developed plans and protocols and undertaken a wide range of aquatic (and terrestrial) fauna, spotting/catching, clearance surveys, salvage and translocation.

  • Fauna spotting and catching
  • Pre-construction fauna clearance surveys
  • Fauna capture, release and translocation
  • Dam or pond dewatering fauna clearance
  • Implementation of CEMP fauna handling protocols
Project Experience
  • Aquatic fauna salvage (fish, reptiles and frogs) for a large dam dewatering project.
  • Frog and fish salvage for a 2.5km long drain clearing project.
  • Fauna habitat identification for a major Melbourne rail project.
  • Dwarf Galaxias (Galaxiella pusila) salvage and translocation for a residential property development.
  • Capture and translocation of Australian Mudfish (Neochanna cleaveri) for a bulk water storage dam construction project in Apollo Bay.
  • Pre-clearance of fauna for a major road development in the west of Melbourne (birds, mammals, bats and amphibians).
  • European Carp (Cyprinus carpio) removal program for a WWTP storage pond redevelopment.
  • Eastern Gambusia (Gambusia holbrooki) harvesting in a constructed wetland as part of Growling Gras Frog (Litoria raniformis) habitat management.

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