Fish Stocking

Aquatica Environmental can provide advise, assess the impacts and assist with permits and approvals for the stocking of fish in both private and public waters.
When stocking fish it is essential that the appropriate species and numbers of fish are stocked to suit the environment, water body and to ensure animal welfare and environmental protection.
Common types of stocking include:

  • Commercial aquaculture
  • Commercial and private aquaponics
  • Recreational (i.e. for fishing)
  • Private (i.e. ponds and farm dams)

Commonly stocked species in Victoria include:

  • Brown and Rainbow Trout
  • Australian Bass
  • Murray Cod
  • Silver Perch
  • Tandanus Catfish
  • Common Yabby
  • Species and water body suitability assessment
  • Stocking feasibility assessment
  • Stocking capacity and biomass assessment
  • Due diligence and environmental impact assessment
  • Fish stocking and transport
  • Pond/Dam/fish habitat design, management and maintenance
  • Stock condition/health monitoring
Project Experience
  • Manor Lakes recreational fish stocking feasibility assessment
  • Suitability assessment and approved stocking of Silver Perch in a private farm dam
  • Pool-pond conversion and pond and stocking
  • Aquaponics and aquarium stock selection and stocking of Brown Trout, Tandanus Catfish, Silver Perch and ‘blue’ common yabby

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