Mission, Values and Policies

Our Mission

The vision for Aquatica Environmental is in two parts.  These are to:

  • Deliver scientific excellence and best practice in aquatic ecosystem and environmental management services.
  • Be clearly recognised as the partnering consultancy chosen by informed clients and project managers.
Our Core Values

At Aquatica Environmental all we do is defined by our core values of:

  • Partnership
  • Ethics
  • Integrity
  • Best Practice
  • Quality Assurance
  • Communication
  • Service Excellence

Quality Management

Aquatica Environmental has an established Quality Management Policy and maintains systems and procedures to ensure our clients are provided with the services contracted to the quality expected.

This Quality Management Policy is a statement of ongoing commitment by Aquatica Environmental to promote excellence in all that we do by maintaining quality management practices consistent with the ISO 9001:2000 standard for quality management systems.

Aquatica Environmental is committed to achieving our policy objectives and commitments by providing a service that meets or exceeds contract requirements, satisfies our client’s needs and meets their expectations.

Aquatica Environmental Quality Management Policy objectives and commitments are:

  • Provide clients with timely high quality advice and services that meet their requirements and expectations and are ‘fit for purpose’.
  • Retain and value our existing and new clients.
  • Consistently demonstrate high standards of professionalism.
  • Maintain quality management throughout all aspects of the business, focusing on our ecology, environment, planning and project management capabilities.
  • Comply with relevant legislation, guidelines and standards in the delivery of our services.
  • Review on a regular basis our business policies and procedures to confirm ongoing suitability and to ensure that continual improvement objectives are being met.
  • Communicate quality expectations and processes our team, as well as contractors who work under the direction of Aquatica Environmental.
  • Enhance the skills of Aquatica Environmental’s team through review and actively pursue an on-going training policy, the objective of which is to equip staff to perform their work effectively.
  • Maintain a document control system to ensure all outputs are if a very high standard.
  • Promote a culture of continual quality improvement and the philosophy of getting things ‘right first time’.
  • Promote quality management systems and ensure implementation is achieved by internal auditing, management review, corrective and preventive action.

Compliance with Aquatica Environmental’s Quality Management Policy is a mandatory condition of employment or contract engagement.

Health and Safety

Aquatica Environmental is committed to ensuring that the health, personal wellbeing and safety of all staff, contractors and visitors is our highest priority.  We are committed to maintaining an injury free workplace.

Aquatica Environmental recognises that health and safety is a key component in the management of its business activities and that all harm is preventable.  This policy demonstrates our intent to all stakeholders.

To demonstrate this commitment Aquatica Environmental provides sound leadership and management and constantly works at improving our safety performance and recognises the positive contribution from all employees and contractors. All personnel are actively involved with the safety effort and everyone is expected to be ‘safety leader’.

Aquatica Environmental is committed to:

  • Complying with relevant legislation, guidelines and standard in the maintenance of a safe workplace.
  • Providing a safe work environment, safe equipment and proper materials.
  • Consulting with and encouraging the active involvement of staff, contractors and visitors in health and safety programs.
  • Establishing and implementing the use of safe working practices by all staff, contractors and visitors.
  • Providing adequate resources, support, training and supervision of contractors and visitors to allow work to be safely and effectively carried out.
  • Taking reasonably practicable steps to identify, eliminate, isolate or minimise work hazards.
  • Developing and maintaining appropriate emergency procedures.
  • Giving priority to health and safety factors in new processes and designs.
  • Regular audit and review of procedures and systems to seek continuous improvement in safety performance.
  • Taking all reasonably practicable steps to ensure that no action or inaction by any of Aquatica Environmental’s staff, contractors or visitors while at work harms any other person.
  • The development of clear strategies in consultation with work groups to identify all hazards and to improve systems to manage and control those hazards to an acceptable level of risk.
  • Accountability for individual safety is the responsibility of all personnel. Management and supervisors are accountable for the support and implementation of this policy within the company.

Remember ‘SAFETY IS EVERYONES RESPONSIBILITY’ and takes precedence over everything else.

Compliance with Aquatica Environmental’s health and safety policy is a mandatory condition of employment or contract engagement.


Aquatica Environmental is committed to protecting the environment.  Much of the work carried out by us has a direct impact upon improving the environment. However, we recognise that the activities carried out by the business can still have a detrimental effect upon the environment.

We seek opportunities to reduce our environmental impact and we set, communicate, monitor and review our objectives and targets to achieve and maintain a high standard of environmental performance.

We are committed to minimising waste and pollution arising from our activities and, wherever possible, improving the efficiency of our energy consumption.  We prefer to work with suppliers who themselves have sound environmental policies.

We encourage contributions from staff, contractors and clients to improve our environmental performance, through two-way dialogue, listening to their ideas, and implementing their practical suggestions.

Our activities are carried out in conformance with applicable environmental legislation.

We are committed to implement and maintain an environmental management system that, at a minimum, complies with ISO 14001:2004.

To demonstrate this commitment Aquatica Environmental provides sound leadership and management and constantly works at improving our environmental performance.

Aquatica Environmental is committed to:

  • Communicate this policy to all staff, contractors and clients.
  • Maintaining active involvement in the ongoing development and review of this policy.
  • Promote and develop improved standards of working to ensure efficient use of energy and materials. This will include using recycled materials, and procurement of goods and services from suppliers with an environmental policy and sustainable approach to their business.
  • Incorporating the 3Rs into our policy and business activities: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
  • Given the nature of the services provided by Aquatica Environmental, we are committed to reducing our and our client’s impact on the environment. Aquatica Environmental will continuously support and promote this commitment.
  • Strive to make business travel efficient to reduce emissions.
  • Constantly learn about and implement new methods for how we can further improve our environmental practices and resource efficiency.

Compliance with Aquatica Environmental’s Environmental Policy is a mandatory condition of employment or contract engagement.

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