Environmental Monitoring / Site Supervision

Aquatica Environmental’s team has the experience and capacity to develop, implement, undertake and analyse management and monitoring plan or programs for aquatic ecosystems and fauna, as well as for water quality.  We have developed and implemented monitoring programs across a wide range of urban, rural, construction and agricultural settings, and have provided advise to our clients on approaches, protocols, and appropriate designs for long-term monitoring.

At Aquatica Environmental we also have experience providing specialised site supervision to ensure that specific requirements related to the short and long-term protection of biotic systems are implemented as specified, and that compensation or mitigation activities are implemented as planned.

Aquatica Environmental also has experience in fauna capture and release and translocation including both common and threatened species such as Australian grayling Prototroctes maraena and Australian mudfish Neochanna cleaverii.

Environmental Monitoring Services
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Contaminant monitoring / source detection
  • Riparian / wetland / estuarine vegetation and habitat monitoring
  • Aquatic and wetland habitat monitoring
  • Species at risk monitoring
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Short / long-term ecological monitoring
  • Fauna clearance surveys
  • Supervision of mitigation and compensation / restoration works
  • Approved aquatic fauna capture, salvage, release and translocation
Site Supervision Services
  • Site personnel inductions and training
  • Fauna habitat inspection and
  • Clearance surveys
  • Capture and translocation
  • Goulburn River Monitoring Program – long-term monitoring of WWTP discharge impacts to water quality and river health at Eildon, Alexandra and Shepparton
  • Environmental management plan, aquatic fauna management plan, permits and fauna clearance for a sewer pipeline upgrade across the Yarra River.
  • Australian mudfish pre-construction clearance, capture and translocation for a bulk water dam construction project in Apollo Bay.
  • pre-works fauna clearance surveys for a major outer Melbourne roads project.

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