To stay up to date with current methods, innovations, legislation, policy, industry trends, etc, it is essential to maintain an active presence in relevant industry organisations, associations and to attend industry events.  At Aquatica Environmental, we maintain key memberships and subscriptions for this purpose.  We also attend relevant industry events in order to stay abreast of the latest news, technology and training.

Listed below are just some of the organisations, membership and events that we are involved with.


Ecological Consultants Association of Victoria

Member since 2017

The Ecological Consultants Association of Victoria (ECA Vic) is an incorporated association that has been formed for the purpose of representing and supporting ecological consultants in Victoria. It was formally established on 17 August 2017.
The purpose of ECA Vic is to represent and support practising Ecological Consultants in Victoria through:

  • enhancing knowledge and professionalism to promote positive environmental outcomes and stewardship;
  • liaison with regulatory authorities and other bodies on relevant matters;
  • preparation and review of professional guidelines and standards;
  • facilitation of training programs, seminars, field days and similar initiatives; and
  • other activities to promote the interests of ecological consultants in Victoria and elsewhere.

Australian Marine Sciences Association

Member since 2008

The Asutralian Marine Sciences Association (AMSA) is a national non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting marine science and coordinating discussion and debate of marine issues in Australia.  AMSA has been active since 1962 and it is the largest and most broadly representative national professional body of marine scientists in Australia, with a multi-disciplinary membership of about 850.  AMSA has three main objectives:

  • to promote, develop and assist in the study of all branches of marine science in Australia;
  • provide for the exchange of information and ideas between those concerned with marine science; and
  • engage in public debate where we have specialist knowledge.

Native Fish Australia

Member since 2009

Native Fish Australia (NFA) is a volunteer organisation that is open to anyone who cares about the well-being of Australia’s native freshwater fish and the rivers, streams and other waterways that they inhabit.  NFA is funded through membership subscriptions and donations from individuals and other organisations.

Australian Society for Fish Biology

Member since 2008

The objectives of the Australian Society for Fish Biology (ASFB) are to promote the study of fish and fisheries in Australia, particularly research and educational activities, and to provide a medium for the interchange of information between those studying fishes.  The Australian Society for Fish Biology is a professional, independent, non-profit, non-commercial and non-aligned organisation.

Yarra Riverkeepers Association

Member since 2015

Formed in 2004, the Yarra Riverkeeper Association is theprimary ‘voice of the river’.
YRKA monitors the Yarra’s health, and keeps track of the many activities affecting it. YRKA runs river tours and gives presentations to educate students, community groups, government and businesses about the need for us all to protect this vital asset. YRKA tells the river’s stories, highlighting its heritage and wonders, as well as its challenges.
Aquatica Environmental’s director, Aaron Jenkin, is the YRKA scientific advisor.

Werribbee River Association

Member since 2015

The Werribee River Association (WRIVA) is a ‘friends of’ group which has interests in the natural environment and human health. WRIVA began its life in Werribee Township in 1981, with a view to protect and enhance the natural environment of the Werribee River. WRIVA understood that the whole of the river was important, and has acted strategically and practically in an effort to gain support for the whole of the Werribee catchment. Based in Werribee, WRIVA works locally with Wyndham City Council, Melbourne Water, and Parks Victoria, and also engages itself in whole of catchment and wider initiatives.
Aquatica Environmental’s director, Aaron Jenkin, provides scientific advise and support to the WRIVA.

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