Giant Sized Pygmy Perch

Giant Sized Pygmy Perch

Just back from a fun couple of days chasing Eastern Dwarf Galaxias Galaxiella pusilla in the vicinity of Warragul, Victoria.  Although none were to be found, a real treat was finding a large population of Flinders Pygmy Perch Nannoperca sp.1 in a couple of circa 20 year old farm dams.
They are currently recognised as a sub-species of Southern Pygmy Perch Nannopperca australis, however, DELWP are currently working on making them their own species.  They are on the DELWP Advisory List of Vertebrate Species in Victoria as 'vulnerable'.
Where Southern Pygmy Perch are recorded to a maximum size of 85mm, it was the giant 100mm specimens we found that were the best clue in them being Flinders Pygmy Perch.  Mighty cool!
Beautiful patterning and colour.

The 100mm giant.

The shaded, deep and dark dam where the bigger ones were found.

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