Partnership with Platypus

Partnership with Platypus

Aquatica is excited to announce a new partnership with Pittsburgh-based aquatic robotics company Platypus.  The partnership brings their autonomous robotic boat platforms to Australia for undertaking cost-effective bathymetry and water quality surveys in inland and coastal waterways.


  • Fast and accurate mapping of the bottom of any inland or coastal waterbody
  • Bottom hardness and sediment depth mapping
  • Aquatic vegetation mapping
  • Aquatica habitat mapping
  • Aquatica habitat mapping
  • Volume calculations
  • Spatially dense mapping data for use in most mapping and GIS software

Water Quality

  • Spatially dense water quality data
  • Parameters include DO, EC, pH, turbidity and more
  • Water quality mapping
  • Discharge mixing zone mapping
  • Water column profiling to 30 metres
  • 1 litre water grab samples

Find out more here.

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